Jobs: Freelance B2B Content Marketing Writer

Hero needs a B2B marketing content writer.

  • Contribute to the planning and execution of inbound marketing campaigns.
  • Write B2B content—blog posts, social posts, web pages, ebooks, PPC ads—for a consistent but diverse group of clients.
  • Be a part of focused and effective team.


Hero is a design studio and marketing agency. With design we make the things needed to brand a business—websites, logos and digital and traditional collateral. With inbound marketing we put those things to work in search engines, email campaigns, blog content and social media. Our work connects businesses to their customers, creates measurable results and helps them grow.

We are looking for an experienced B2B content writer to be a regular part of our team. You’ll need B2B writing experience, creativity, big ideas  and the ability to write content that connects the client’s business to the needs of the audience.

 You need to:

  • have experience with B2B content marketing
  • understand the connection between content and SEO, know how research keywords and write for good search results
  • have experience with all the elements of an inbound marketing campaign—search, content creation, lead-gen, lead-nurturing, sales process—and be able to write strategically for each area
  • be able to write with a style and voice that is casual, creative and professional
  • have excellent editing skills
  • be creative and have unique content ideas to contribute


  • Weekly collaboration with internal team on campaign planning and production schedule.
  • Research topics and keywords.
  • Write original content—blog posts, social posts, web pages, ebooks
  • Edit client-provided draft content.
  • Meet weekly and monthly publication deadlines.

 How to apply:

Please send your resume, website url, writing samples and/or references to with “B2B Writer” in the subject line.

Posted By: Jeff  May 10th, 2013

Jobs: Freelance Search Specialist

How to seo wordpress images

Hero needs a Search Specialist to join our project team.

Hero Design Studio is seeking an experienced Search Specialist to work on a freelance basis. The Search Specialist will work closely with everyone on our creative and account team in meeting and exceeding client goals. They will participate in the planning and execution of  site design projects, inbound marketing and PPC campaigns.

Project Responsibilities

  • Execute search media campaigns including initial planning, implementation, monitoring, optimization, analysis, and reporting.
  • Identify new content needs for client websites, as needed.\Implement and manage PPC campaigns
  • Create monthly reports analyzing campaign performance along with recommendations for improvements.

Skills and Experience

Minimum of three years of digital marketing experience, with in-depth knowledge of multiple search engines


  • Knowledge of SEO strategy and implementation
  • Knowledge of Inbound and Content Marketing Strategies
  • Knowledge of conversion analysis and landing page analysis
  • Experience with link building (partner links)


  • Experience implementing and managing paid search accounts across multiple search engines, specifically with Google AdWords
  • Manage and optimize the existing internet marketing campaign components, including keyword strategy, ad copy, bid prices, cost per conversion, cost per click, etc.
  • Familiar with common keyword generation, estimation, competitive analysis, and trending tools
  • Experience implementing and analyzing display PPC tactics (YouTube, Facebook, etc.)

The person who is the right fit will be a self-starter with strong communication skills and close attention to detail. Additionally they’ll have an interest in being an independent yet collaborative member of our creative team.

How to apply:

Individuals only. No agencies. Send your resume, website url, client case studies and/or references to with “Search Specialist” in the subject line.


Photo Credit: SEOPlanter via Compfight cc

Posted By: Jeff  February 3rd, 2013

Designing a Whole-Grain Brand.

 fresh baked bread

When you think about the brand of your company, what comes to mind? The logo, website and tagline, perhaps? Do you think about its products and services? What about technical support, customer service and sales?

You should be thinking about all these things. Your customers do. For them, doing business with your company is an experience that is the sum of your brand, products and service. Read the rest of this entry »

Posted By: Jeff  June 27th, 2012

Big Ideas & Useful Stuff – June ’12

Big Ideas & Useful Stuff-Hero Newsletter

This month we share some insights, advice and prickly opinions. We always say opinions are like brands, everybody’s got one. Assumptions are another thing everyone’s got. They are a necessary evil, but they have an expiration date. In a recent study, researchers found that companies often have dangerously wrong assumptions about what their customers want. Read Three Dangerous Marketing Myths to get our opinions on the subject, and keep your marketing from turning sour.


June ’12 issue of Big Ideas & Useful Stuff.


Posted By: Jeff  June 20th, 2012

Big Ideas & Useful Stuff – May ’12

Big Ideas & Useful Stuff-Hero Newsletter

Each month we compile a list of articles that inspired us. Over the past month things have been heating up in many ways. Search is rising to greater importance as part of integrated marketing strategies, startups are using design to disrupt big-business and traditional advertising has been pronounced dead, by natural causes. Pinning seems to be our new national pastime, and like baseball, it’s a game of stats. See your brand’s Pinterest scorecard using, a startup that monitors social image sharing. It’s designy and disruptive, too.


May ’12 issue of Big Ideas & Useful Stuff.


Posted By: Jeff  June 2nd, 2012

Pentagram Design. The Forty Story.

“The idea of the faux-biography came about very simply,” explained London partner Naresh Ramchandani over email. “I was looking at all the great design that Pentagram had done over the last forty years and thinking how vivid and familiar it was and how it it was so much part of our culture and our memories and lives. And then I thought that, if I had been born in the same year that Pentagram started, on the same day even, I would have grown up with those pieces of design as an intrinsic part of my life. And then the idea fell out from there.”

Someday, I will make this video for Hero.

Bravo to the Pentagram partners.

Posted By: Jeff  May 25th, 2012

Denver web design honored at the 2012 Webby Awards.

The Denver Gallery Guide

This Friday, art galleries across Denver will open their doors to lively gatherings of art goers, just like they do every month for the First Friday Art Walk. This year, though, denizens of the arts will have a new guide for their First Friday stroll, the Denver Gallery Guide. The Gallery Guide brings together all the art neighborhoods of Denver into one interactive map that lets you explore the venues in each area. The site is beautifully designed, fast and intuitive to use. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a better use of a map metaphor as the main navigation. Read the rest of this entry »

Posted By: Jeff  May 2nd, 2012

Big Ideas & Useful Stuff – April ’12

Big Ideas & Useful Stuff-Hero Newsletter

Each month we compile a list of our favorite articles. The arrival of Spring to the Rockies has us thinking about planting seeds for future growth and how the landscape of digital marketing is changing. If Spring is your time for putting things to order, then check out this Tumblr-things neatly organized. It may inspire you to clean out that closet, drawer or idea file you avoided all winter.


April ’12 issue of Big Ideas & Useful Stuff.


Posted By: Jeff  April 28th, 2012

Design, to design another day.

for the swap

An art director I worked with long ago used to say he didn’t like graphic design, because design is never done.

“I can always find something to make better. The only way I know I’m done, is when the client says ‘Approved’”.

Over the years, I’ve felt the same frustration Rob did. Back when graphic design meant printing, advertising meant TV commercials and product design meant factory manufacturing, there was a high cost for design changes. And few companies valued an iterative design process. It was a “one and done” mentality. Digital changed all that.

Freedom to change.

The 8 page glossy-brochure is no longer the primary marketing piece, it’s a company’s website. Video production has moved from the studio to our lap top, literally. And software that used to be sold on disc (in a box), is now delivered through the App Store. As our technology has improved, digital has grown and the cost of production has come down. In many cases, to near nothing. So how are you taking advantage of this freedom-to-change? Read the rest of this entry »

Posted By: Jeff  April 26th, 2012

The D-word explained. This is how design works.

The D-word Explained.

Design is a weird word.

The word design is used so often and so broadly today that it’s become almost impossible to define. In fact, if I talk about design, you won’t really know what I mean unless I qualify it by saying WEB design or FURNITURE design. And even then, I’m still speaking in broad, abstract terms.

Design has moved to the center.

Design, in all it’s forms, has moved to the center of our economy and culture through companies like Target, Apple, Google, Facebook, Virgin, IBM and Ikea. These companies have increased America’s design IQ. Peoples’ everyday lives are surrounded by good design—design that is user-centered and tuned to their needs. People are happy to be the center of attention and they’ve come to expect this from every brand they consider. Read the rest of this entry »

Posted By: Jeff  April 19th, 2012