Animated Gif Explains Instragram’s success.

The big picture of Instragram’s success.

I wonder if the high valuation of this social site is the bellwether of a new internet bubble. Maybe it will be the Social Bubble?

I suppose pundits more opinionated than me will sort that all out.


The Purchase of Instagram


This clever infographic via Fast Company.


Posted By: Jeff  April 12th, 2012

A Marketer’s Guide to Pinterest

From the people at MDG blog, a great infographic breaking down the user demographics behind Pinterest and how to use it for marketing. We still love the direction that Pinterest is headed.

Posted By: Jeff  March 1st, 2012

Graphic designer @timothyogoodman sends love via Twitter

Tim Goodman's valentine to @antistudio

If you don’t follow Cleveland designer Timothy Goodman on Twitter, then your Valentine Day was missing something, Tim’s love. If you do follow Tim, then you are one of the lucky people who received a unique, hand-drawn Valentine card via Twitter. The beauty of Tim’s project is that he found a simple way to make a highly personal connection with each one of his followers. Looking at the gallery of cards sent, you’ll see that Tim used a personal trait, an interest or something he knew about each person to create a unique card. Read the rest of this entry »

Posted By: Jeff  February 25th, 2012

Keeping Up with the Social Network

You have a Facebook, a Twitter, LinkedIn, your own blog, a Livefyre, Groupon and Living Social accounts, and a heavy RSS feed; you follow 15 blogs and try to actively engage in their forums and comment boards, and now, on top of it all, you have a Pinterest. Your phone goes off every 5 minutes with updates on each of these, and you don’t have time to read them all in their entirety because you need to focus on other projects. The passwords are different for each account, and it feels like pandemonium trying to keep it all organized. If you’re like us, you’re checking each channel multiple times a day, and sometimes you end up having to skim things that actually are of interest, just to be able to read a little bit of it all.  A platform like Hootsuite or TweetDeck keeps it semi-organized, but how do you keep up with everything and keep it all organized? Social Media feels like a job in itself, and you now understand why many companies hire on a designated Social Media specialist– to remain active and up to date without going crazy trying to balance it all. Read the rest of this entry »

Posted By: Jeff  February 24th, 2012

A History of Social Media [Infographic]

A History of The Busines of Social Media

A cool infographic from Media Bistro, covering social media history from the beginning– all the way back to 1978.  Some of us remember the first computer coming into our homes, and some of us can’t remember growing up without one.  Now, it’s integral to our everyday lives, and we take it everywhere through our mobile devices.


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Posted By: Jeff  February 22nd, 2012

I Blog, You Blog, He Blogs, We Blog.

We’ve all read somewhere recently that 2012 is the year of content marketing. How are people content marketing? Through blogging. Everyone has started a site to share their insights on their industry, skills or passion, and making your site stand out from all of the wordpress and blogger accounts out there can be exhausting and intimidating. Read the rest of this entry »

Posted By: Jeff  February 21st, 2012

Social Media Week

Have you guys been following Social Media Week over the past couple of years? This year it’s huge, with events in 21 cities.  It’s a celebration for digital advocates, like us, to engage in the changes and current and upcoming trends in digital communication. It’s great to see how much of an embrace there is of technology, particularly, an embrace of trying to figure out how all of these social platforms can work towards better connecting our human experience. As their mission reads, the goal is to act as a catalyst of cultural and social change across all industries. Read the rest of this entry »

Posted By: Jeff  February 18th, 2012

LinkedIn’s Organic Social Medium

Using LinkedIn for Inbound Marketing There’s an appropriate time and place for everything, and LinkedIn has found its niche, leading the way as the primary business platform of Social Media and keeping it as just that: for professional use only. A well-developed site, with millions of users, LinkedIn’s lesser-known reputation has somehow resisted the spamming and chatter of other social networking sites. While Facebook was concerned with tagging photos of last weekend’s BBQ, LinkedIn laid the groundwork to help professionals to develop a business strategy that fully avoids mixing business with leisure. Read the rest of this entry »

Posted By: Jeff  December 16th, 2011

Moving Forward With Social Media

social media and inbound marketing

Social Media is imperative to competitive marketing and is an easy way to promote your business with minimal setup required. With the growing number of Social Media users today, having your business on a diverse number of readily available platforms will heighten the chance of your site being found in search engines that extend further than simply Google. And, the best part of it all? It’s free. A golden ticket to connect your inbound marketing strategy to real life people. Read the rest of this entry »

Posted By: Jeff  December 15th, 2011

Our 6 Degrees of Separation Has Officially Dropped to 4.

Using data based on the links among 721 million Facebook users, recent information has presented that the once perceived “six degrees of separation” back in 1967–aka the average number of acquaintances separating any two people in the United States– now actually weighs in today at 4.37.  On the global scale, that number is only slightly higher at 4.74. No one can deny that Social Media is to thank for making the world even smaller while simultaneously expanding social connections and widening educational opportunities. Maybe you think Social Media is annoying and redundant,  but we think that the science behind it is pretty cool. Online social behaviors say a lot about who we are as a species, and who knows, maybe in 2012 that 4.37 will be an even smaller number. We dare you to re-post and share this. Let’s see how far it goes.

social media statisticssource:

Posted By: Jeff  December 13th, 2011