Design Studios and Marketing Agencies Should Use Their Empathy.

Jules et Jim.

A great post from Jim Carroll, Chairman of BBH London, reminded me of one of my core beliefsā€”a designer’s most powerful tool is their empathy. In Jim’s post, I Feel For You, he reminded me that empathy also applies to the whole sphere of marketing and communications.

We, Hero Design, are an Inbound Marketing Agency. We work very hard to measure and qualify the results we produce for our clients. Everything we do has some type of analytic attached. We use those analytics to make decisions on what’s working, what needs improvement and what tactics should be killed. Even with all of this data-based clarity, I sometimes feel, in my gut, that we need to zig, even though the data shows a zag is the next logical step. My designerly self just can’t shake what my empathy is telling me.

I always rely on my empathy when concepting, designing and writing. If something doesn’t feel right, I try a different approach. Jim’s post reminds me not to leave my empathy, my feelings, out of the on-going marketing choices we make throughout a campaign. Even though the creative is done, empathy is still needed. We often try to analyze our way to success, but maybe we should feel our way instead.

Read Jim Carroll’s post here: I Feel For You.

Posted By: Jeff  January 13th, 2012

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