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An art director I worked with long ago used to say he didn’t like graphic design, because design is never done.

“I can always find something to make better. The only way I know I’m done, is when the client says ‘Approved’”.

Over the years, I’ve felt the same frustration Rob did. Back when graphic design meant printing, advertising meant TV commercials and product design meant factory manufacturing, there was a high cost for design changes. And few companies valued an iterative design process. It was a “one and done” mentality. Digital changed all that.

Freedom to change.

The 8 page glossy-brochure is no longer the primary marketing piece, it’s a company’s website. Video production has moved from the studio to our lap top, literally. And software that used to be sold on disc (in a box), is now delivered through the App Store. As our technology has improved, digital has grown and the cost of production has come down. In many cases, to near nothing. So how are you taking advantage of this freedom-to-change?

One-and-done is over.

Digital production, digital creation, has opened up the door to continuos, iterative design. A chance to leave the world of “one and done” and never come back. As a digital design studio, Hero has always led its clients in this direction. Today, most companies are working to change their mindset and take advantage of the opportunity. But, it’s not easy. And it’s good to have examples of success and how-to’s as guidance.

Iteration inspiration.

Here are two great articles that show how you can continuously improve the design of your brand, product or service. They prove that even the biggest and best companies in the world are figuring things out as they go, and that gives you permission to do so, as well.

4 Key Insights From The
57-Day, Blitzkrieg Redesign
Of Google+

via Fast Company - After a mere 6 months on the market, Google released their first major redesign of Google+. If you check your profile now, you should see the latest version. And if your taste is anything like ours, you’ll agree that it feels better in just about every way… Co.Design talked to Google+ lead designer Fred Gilbert to unpack the subtle brilliance behind their awesome redesign–a redesign that was completed in less than two months–and his notes are full of lessons that could hone the experience of almost any product.

Read it all here.

9 Principles For Great Branding By Design

via Fast Company - We all know great design has a critical role to play in building a great brand. But how do we go about making that happen? I recently had the opportunity to speak to three top designers about that very question… Through these conversations, it became clear that the link between design and branding is important, and that having a top design team is to crucial to having a winning brand.

Read it all here.

 Tell me your thoughts.

I’d love to hear what you think about iterative design and the shift in mindset that makes it valuable. Drop a comment in the box.

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