Animated Gif Explains Instragram’s success.

The big picture of Instragram’s success.

I wonder if the high valuation of this social site is the bellwether of a new internet bubble. Maybe it will be the Social Bubble?

I suppose pundits more opinionated than me will sort that all out.


The Purchase of Instagram


This clever infographic via Fast Company.


Posted By: Jeff  April 12th, 2012

Optimistic or Pessimistic – U.S. CFO Survey today published a detailed, interactive graphic based on data from a GE survey of U.S. CFOs. The graphic was create by Lisa Strausfeld and Pentagram.

GE has just published its latest interactive infographic, which presents the results of a massive survey asking 530 CFOs how confident they were in the present economic recovery. Since it’s gauging the subjective viewpoints of these CFOs, you get a little bit of insight into to how they feel — and how collective emotions help shape our economy.

While exploring the graphic I was surprised by the level of detail the designer achieved through drill-downs into the data categories. I particularly liked the view by industry selector at the top which updates the data visualization instantly. Like anything useful, it took me a few clicks to learn the mechanics of interface. But I’m of the opinion that a user interface does not need to be dumbed down until a monkey could use it. If the information you’re presenting has value, it’s fair to expect some learning on the part of the user.

This is a great graphic for information design geeks and economic news junkies alike.

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Posted By: Jeff  December 3rd, 2010