Oh, So Responsive Design.

Responzive Design, Responsively Illustrated.

If it’s not responsive, it’s crap!

(Say it with a Scottish accent)

A great site put together by James Mellers of THISMANSLIFE.COM solves a problem we’ve already run into, how to explain responsive design to your client.

“Resize your browser to reveal just a handful of the kind of devices you should expect web pages to be viewed on. Each device illustration is rendered using the same basic HTML which adapts its appearance to the changing viewport size, representing different devices accordingly. This is achieved using media queries to apply different CSS rules for different sizes. This experiment is intended to illustrate the basic premise of responsive web design and the power of CSS to tackle it.” Read the rest of this entry »

Posted By: Jeff  January 6th, 2012

The Gabby Gourmet Guide iPhone App

Today we’re celebrating the release of Hero’s first iPhone app – The Gabby Gourmet Guide.

We created this app in partnership with our long-time client Pat Miller, the Gabby Gourmet. Gabby is Colorado’s most trusted restaurant reviewer and advocate for dining out. Thanks to Gabby for all her help.

Many thanks also go to our friend and development partner Bart Lewis.

More thanks go to others who worked to make our first app a reality. This includes our friend Steve Miller and design interns Liz Weglicki and Michael Eason.

Please check the app in iTunes and send us your feedback.

Posted By: Jeff  February 23rd, 2011